A personal assistant built for macOs

About Dave

Dave is a text-based personal assistant for your terminal built entirely in python 3 with a a little bit off apple script. Dave was built to serve and can currently search Wikipedia, get the weather, solve maths equations and tell jokes. Further updates will include more capabilities. You can now download Dave from below, make sure to follow the download instructions.

Dave is built in python 3.7 using multiples modules as seen below. He is a fairly simple progrem which gets the job done.

For Terminal

Dave is built to work right in your Terminal. After being set up properly he can be activated with a simple command.


Dave has a number of capabilities. He can search the web, get the weather, do complex math equations and more. To see everything he can type "help"


Dave uses a number of APIs allowing him to get wikipedia descriptions and get the weather for your area. He can also easily solve complex maths equations.

Designed by Alex Hawking in Australia : Handmade Studios : handmadestudios.now.sh